It's a process

We live in a world of instant gratification...what we want, we want it like yesterday. With the modern advances of technology, our attention spans have shortened. Though I train in many other modalities; I have a true passion for Kettlebells. Learning how to use this tool takes time, patience, dedication and practice. It's a continuous journey. I find that people will avoid training with a bell or accept/teach poor form beause they don't want to put in the hard work and time it takes to learn the skill. As children our social and physical skill development is a process that we seem to accept as a part of "growing-up" As adults, we often find excuses to avoid discomfort or commitment - this behavior can carry on into to other aspects of our lives far beyond our fitness endeavors.

Yet, there is so much reward in the process of it improved mind/muscle connection, a sense of accomplishment, along with a return to "true" human behavior. What is worth having and or learning does not happen over night or with a click of a button. 


KMMOVES GUEST BLOG - Why SO Tired? by Jennifer Boyd, Boyd Wellness

“I feel exhausted” is a common complaint from my patients. We have busy lives that require multitasking and multi-thinking. That kind of high energy  mind revving can contribute to symptoms of exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed. The solution for that is obvious if not readily available - pare down the to-do list. Think in 7- second segments of time to stay in the “now”. Engage in what I call the “3 Ms” - Mindfulness, Meditation and Meandering. You probably don’t know much about the last one. I made it up. It’s OK. It’s allowed. That’s the spirit of Meandering - engaging in non-goal oriented activities just for the pleasure. Color, roll on the floor with the cat or yourself, stare out the window at something that gives you relief, make-up words or concepts. Invite in some kind of creative process to nourish and soften your brain

If your exhaustion starts to feel more like dragging an anchor around during the day, you wake each morning feeling un-restored from more than 7 hours of sleep, or you feel like you are thinking your way through pea soup you may also have a biochemical issue. These symptoms are more consistent with the diagnosis of fatigue or “brain fog”. They may arise from thyroid hypo function, autoimmune disease, adrenal exhaustion, lyme disease or anemia as well as a long list of other culprits. Pretty much every malady you can think of can give you fatigue. You’ll want to see a medical provider well-versed in these subjects for a proper work-up.

Here are some suggestions:

First get some high quality non-iodized sea salt (I like Real Salt from Whole Foods - any pure brand will do). Take a solid pinch and put it under your tongue. Repeat 3x in one hour. Feel better? If yes, your issue is low electrolytes probably from adrenal stress.

If that didn’t help, then get the purest water you can afford. Vapor distilled or reverse osmosis with re-mineralization (Smart Water is a good brand) is ideal. Now drink 12 ounces with the juice of half an organic lemon when you wake up. Drink the remainder of half your body weight in ounces over the course of the day. Your tinkle should be light yellow to clear if you’re drinking enough. Any better? It’s amazing the effect dehydration can have.

Didn’t do anything? How about trying one week avoiding all dairy and gluten? (come on you can do anything for one week). It can take significantly longer to eliminate the toxins associated with wheat in particular but I didn’t think you’d go for the whole 6-month elimination diet. In one week you should be able to get over the withdrawal symptoms and start to see if you’re barking up the right gluten-free tree and determine whether a longer, more thorough cleanse is right for you.


Open UP

Lately, my clients have told me (and I can see) that they are excessively tight. People commute, sit at a desk all day + overuse certain muscles playing tennis, biking, etc...

A quick KMMoves

FIRST - after a quick warm-up (shoulder rolls, cat + cow, gentle shoulder shrugs)

TRY this easy back + shoulder opener:

ARMS up over head, biceps alongside ears.

Shoulders DOWN + back.

NEUTRAL spine, navel pulled inward.

Pinkies turned in, helps keep the shoulders down + BACK

Fingers REACHING up.

Don't forget to BREATHE.

A life lived in the MIX

I woke up this morning (you know, my usual time of 4:30 AM) and I realized, WOW I sort of live 2 lives. I have my private workout clients, my barre classes, my strength training (my beloved kettlebells) and then I have this whole other wonderful world - my husband + son -- my beautiful family + friends. All day I was thinking about these 2 very distinct orbits. Psyching my class up at BodyQuest to do that extra set of deep thigh work, or a private training client to take their workout to the next level at Pinnacle. How different all of that is to helping my son practice his cello or sitting down with my husband to talk about our days.

Then the light bulb moment. Actually, its not 2 different lives. Its one big one. We move through our days, going from task to task, thinking they are all very distinct. But in fact, they are all connected to each other. What we learn from doing or enjoying one thing can be brought to the next. And on it goes - connection upon connection, moving in the mix.


To see the beauty in each of us, requires a certain acceptance that we are all different, that we are all a little bit fabulous + a little bit flawed. I find, in my world, its really easy to focus on what isn't 'perfect' instead of focusing on what is truly good - you know, just like that old saying:  "Don't let perfection get in the way of excellence."

Go ahead, LOVE yourself. Set goals + be excellent at putting in the work to achieve them. Be true to who you are, because there is no right or wrong way to look or feel.